Wisdom Teeth Removal

If you are experiencing jaw pain in the back of your mouth, your wisdom teeth may be coming in and causing problems. If you think you or your child might need a wisdom teeth removal, contact Houston Uptown Dentists!

At our Houston, TX dentist office, Dr. Juarez and our passionate team have the skills to get you out of dental pain and restore your full oral health!

Reasons To Have A Wisdom Teeth Removal Procedure

Wisdom teeth can cause a lot of problems when they begin to come in. Because your wisdom teeth are your last adult teeth to emerge, they can:

  • Become impacted, or stuck in your gums
  • Come in crooked or sideways, causing crowding and damaging other teeth
  • Only partially erupt

Determining If Wisdom Teeth Removal Is Right For You

Before we recommend a tooth removal for your wisdom teeth, we will perform a thorough examination. Using state-of-the-art digital X-rays, we will get a clear idea of the position and progress of your wisdom teeth. This will also help us plan the best approach for extracting your wisdom teeth.

Gentle Wisdom Teeth Removal From Houston Uptown Dentists

Our calming, soothing team will do everything we can to ensure your optimum comfort during your visit at our spa-like dental office. To help you relax and entertain you, we offer:

  • Headphones with calming music
  • 3-D video glasses equipped with Netflix

We will also administer local anesthetic before we start and can help relieve any dental anxiety with dental sedation options, including:

  • Light sedation, more commonly known as “laughing gas”
  • Oral conscious sedation in the form of a pill
  • IV sedation

Many of our patients choose IV sedation for wisdom teeth removal so they don’t have to feel anything during the procedure. In fact, most can’t even remember their procedure!

If think you or your child needs a wisdom teeth removal, call the compassionate professionals at Houston Uptown Dentists at 832-463-1021! You can also stop by our Houston, TX dentist office in person or use our convenient online form to schedule.

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