Preventive Orthodontics in Houston, TX Protects Your Child’s Smile

It’s an exciting milestone when your child’s permanent teeth start to come in. It may also cause concern over whether your child will need braces in the future. If you’d like to keep your child out of braces, ask about our Houston preventive orthodontics with HealthyStart.

Dr. Amanda Juarez started offering interventional orthodontics because she wanted to help her own children avoid future orthodontic treatments. Let Dr. Juarez do the same for your children! This treatment:

  • Can shorten orthodontic treatment time, or even completely eliminate the need for full orthodontic treatment later
  • Uses a safe, custom-fit oral appliance
  • Helps your child’s teeth, jaw, and mouth develop properly
  • Enables your child to breathe more easily

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Give Your Child a Confident & Healthy Smile

HealthyStart preventive orthodontics uses a BPA-, latex-, silicone-free dental appliance that’s approved by the FDA. The custom-made appliance looks similar to an athletic mouthguard and is worn while your child sleeps. It may be worn during the day as well, depending on your child’s age and orthodontic needs. Some children may go through three phases, each with a different appliance, for best results.

While your children’s permanent teeth are still coming in and developing, HealthyStart:

  • Helps guide their teeth into the proper position
  • Promotes healthy jaw development
  • Improves the overall shape and formation of their mouth

Treatment can prevent crooked teeth, bite issues, and other problems that could later require braces. But HealthyStart offers more than just cosmetic and oral health benefits.

It can also help open your child’s airway during sleep. This will improve sleep quality, boost their performance during the day, and help prevent sleep-disordered breathing – which could potentially develop into sleep apnea if left untreated.

Our team will do everything we can to make your child’s first orthodontic appointment pleasant. We even provide headphones and 3-D video glasses equipped with Netflix!

Help keep your child out of braces by calling us at 832-463-1021 today. You’ll get the information you need about preventive orthodontics in Houston. You can also make an appointment online.