Bone Grafts

If you would like to receive dental implants but have been told you lack enough bone density in your jaw to support them, contact Houston Uptown Dentists today for a bone grafts consultation. At our Houston, TX dentist office, Dr. Juarez can help improve the look of your smile and your oral function with oral surgery procedures – all right here in-house.

Is A Bone Graft Right For Me?

A bone graft is a type of oral surgery that helps to strengthen your jaw for dental implants by using a special bone grafting material or donor tissue.

Missing teeth are often the cause of bone tissue loss because your jaw begins to deteriorate around the holes left by your missing tooth roots. Your jawbone can also be naturally thin or lose its density gradually with age.

A bone graft reverses this deterioration, giving your jaw a thick, sturdy foundation for treatments like implants from a restorative dentist.

What Do Bone Grafts Make Possible?

Once your jaw has healed from your bone graft, we can recommend a variety of dental implant options.

If you have one or multiple adjacent missing teeth, we can restore dental implants with a dental crown or dental bridge. We can even use a bone graft to prepare you for a full-mouth reconstruction using implant-secured dentures or All-on-4® dental implants!

What If I’m Anxious About My Bone Grafts?

If you happen to be a little nervous about your bone graft procedure or simply don’t want to feel anything during your appointment, our calming, soothing team can help relieve your dental anxiety with dental sedation options! With IV sedation, you will probably doze off and remember little to nothing about the procedure.

If you need to strengthen your jaw for dental implants, call our Houston, TX dentist office at 832-463-1021 for bone grafts consultation. You can also use our online form.

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