Houston, TX Dentures Allow You to Bite & Chew With Ease

If you need to replace multiple missing teeth or even every single tooth, we can help using dentures in Houston. Dr. Juarez and Dr. Arnold provide many restorative and full-mouth reconstruction treatments with custom dentures to fit your smile needs and goals, including:

  • Eating all your favorite foods again
  • Smiling with confidence in social and business settings
  • Aiding your digestion through more complete chewing
  • Appearing younger and healthier

Replacing missing teeth isn’t simply a cosmetic concern or even just about oral function or oral health. Your overall health can be greatly affected by missing teeth. Because you cannot properly chew with missing teeth, you may be avoiding nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables. You may have problems digesting food as well.

Don’t do without your teeth another day! Call us today to schedule your denture consultation: 832-463-1021.

Our Dentures Choices Will Complete Your Smile

Because every patient is unique, we provide several choices for dentures:

  • Traditional Dentures – If you would like a whole new set of pearly whites, we can have a set of full traditional dentures custom-made for you. This will ensure your new teeth fit precisely and look natural.
  • Implant-Secured Dentures – If you have had issues with removable dentures coming loose and want a secure hold, we can also provide dental implant dentures. Following an initial consultation, we can even give you a same-day smile with immediate load-bearing, implant-retained dentures. You can eat and show off your new smile right away!
  • Partial Dentures – If you need to replace only a few teeth, we can provide partial dentures held in place by your surrounding teeth.

Once your dentures have been custom-made, we will discuss the best cleaning methods so your new teeth will stay beautiful for years to come. Regardless of the denture choice you make, your new teeth will look great and restore your oral function.

Let us help you regain your strong bite and confident smile using Houston dentures. Call our office today at 832-463-1021 to schedule an appointment. You can also make an appointment online.