Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique in Houston, TX Can Help Restore Your Gums

If your gums have receded or pulled away from your teeth, you may think you need a gum graft. If you want a comfortable, effective alternative to a grafting procedure, Houston Uptown Dentists offers the Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique in Houston. This type of gum treatment:

  • Repairs your gums without any cutting
  • Requires no stitches
  • Can often be completed in a single visit
  • Allows for a fast healing and recovery
  • Restores your gum health quickly and comfortably

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Pinhole Treatment Makes Your Gums Good as New

Dr. Juarez and our team are always improving our skills to provide the most up-to-date treatment options for our patients. Because the pinhole oral surgery technique requires special training, only select dentists across the country offer it. If you’re a good candidate, we will discuss each step of the pinhole technique before we begin. When you arrive for this leading-edge treatment, we will:

  • Numb the inside of your mouth so you won’t feel any discomfort
  • Make a pin-sized hole above the affected area
  • Use special instruments to gently loosen your gum tissue
  • Carefully reposition your gums to cover your tooth roots and improve your appearance

The stunning results will be obvious soon after your procedure. In many cases, our patients heal overnight! Plus, there’s minimal pain and minimal to no bleeding during the procedure. If the pinhole method is not right for you, we also offer gum grafting. We can provide nonsurgical gum disease treatment to keep your smile healthy, if needed.

At our spa-like dentist office, you can relax during your procedure with headphones and calming music or a Netflix show with personal movie glasses. To ensure optimum comfort and help relieve any dental anxiety, we also offer three safe sedation options:

  • Laughing gas
  • Conscious oral sedation via a pill
  • IV sedation

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