Tooth Removal / Extractions

Do you have tooth pain? Have you been told you need your tooth removed? If your damaged or decayed tooth cannot be saved with restorative procedures, contact Houston Uptown Dentists for a gentle tooth removal.

At our Houston, TX dentist office, Dr. Juarez, Dr. Arnold, and our highly trained team will get you out of pain fast and restore your oral health! We also have many tooth replacement options to complete your full smile.

Reasons You May Need A Tooth Removal / Extraction

We will do everything we can to preserve your natural teeth before recommending an extraction. But depending on your particular situation, there are many reasons teeth may need to removed, including:

  • Severe damage or decay
  • Infection inside your tooth that cannot be removed with a root canal
  • Wisdom teeth that are not coming in correctly
  • Crowding in your mouth
  • Making room for dentures or other restorative options

The Tooth Removal Process

We will use state-of-the-art digital X-rays to examine your particular situation and plan your extraction. Then, we will:

  • Numb your mouth so you won’t feel a thing
  • Gently remove the problem tooth or teeth

Following your procedure, our Houston, TX dentist and staff will provide advice concerning the healing process. Once you are healed, we can then replace your missing tooth or teeth with dental implants, dental bridges, or dentures.

Dental Sedation During Your Tooth Extractions

We’ll do everything we can to put you at ease when you visit us. If you happen to be experiencing dental anxiety or don’t want to feel anything during your extraction, we can help with our dental sedation options, including:

  • Laughing gas
  • Oral conscious sedation
  • IV sedation

Our calming, soothing team can also help entertain you with 3-D video glasses equipped with Netflix and headphones.

So you won’t feel rushed, we can even provide longer appointments by request!

If you need to have a problem tooth removed with gentle extractions or aren’t sure if a tooth removal can relieve your pain, call our Houston, TX dentist office at 832-463-1021 to schedule a visit. You can also use our online form.

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