By some estimates, some 15 percent of people in the United States have some level of anxiety about going to the dentist. That anxiety ranges from mild discomfort all the way up to full-blown panic attacks. Being scared of the dentist keeps people from getting the dental care they need which may endanger their health. At Houston Uptown Dentists, Dr. Amanda Juarez helps people get the care they need by providing three levels of dental sedation.

We Understand Your Concerns

At Houston Uptown Dentists, we understand that being scared of the dentist is often due to an unfortunate experience with a previous dentist. You should know that our total focus is on your comfort and wellbeing while you’re with us and afterward. Everyone in our office is very warm and very concerned with how you’re feeling during your appointment.

We’ll be happy to explain every step of a procedure before anything happens, if you like. Or not – it’s your choice. We make sure that the area to be treated is completely numbed before we begin. We’re talking stress-free dentistry in our office. At any point, you can request a pause or more anesthetic.

We have a number of comfort options that will help you relax during your appointment: headphone so you can listen to music and Netflix glasses so you can catch your favorite show.

Sedation Options

Dental anxiety isn’t the same for everyone. No matter whether you’re a little nervous or feeling total dread, we have a sedation option that will work very well for you. In case you’re wondering, we always monitor every patient very closely who opts for dental sedation.

Light Dental Sedation

This is commonly referred to as “laughing gas.” It got that name because some people get giddy and begin laughing. Can you imagine laughing during a dental appointment? We’re not saying that will happen, but it shows you what can result from inhaling a mixture of nitrogen and oxygen through a small nasal mask.

We can adjust the level of sedation precisely for your comfort. You’ll feel relaxed and unconcerned during your appointment. The effects of inhaled sedation wear off very quickly, so you’ll be able to drive yourself to and from your appointment.

Oral Conscious Sedation

As you’d expect from the name, oral conscious sedation is a prescribed pill that will leave you awake but completely unconcerned about your appointment. You take the pill beforehand so that you arrive completely relaxed at our office. By the way, you will need a driver for your appointment; the effects can take hold faster than you expect, and tend to linger for a while after your appointment. Driving while sedated is a truly bad idea!

IV Sedation

This is the strongest level of sedation we provide and it causes the deepest level of relaxation. We will constantly monitor your condition and adjust the sedation level as needed. You probably won’t remember much, if anything, about your appointment. And you’ll definitely need a driver.

Discover Just How Relaxed Your Dental Appointment Can Be

With our calm and caring staff, comfort options, and sedation options, you can get the dental care you need and have the best dental appointment ever!

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