Dental emergencies don’t get the respect they deserve. Let’s put things in perspective – not all visits to hospital emergency rooms are because of life-threatening conditions. Often, emergency care is to preserve function – such as a deeply cut finger – and to relieve suffering. A dental emergency is a true emergency and should be handled as such by seeking emergency dental care from Houston Uptown Dentists in Houston, TX. Call our office at once at 832-463-1021 for an emergency appointment.

Types Of Dental Emergencies

There’s one type of dental emergency for which it’s better to seek emergency room treatment, and that’s severe bleeding in the mouth that you can’t stop. For everything, you need the services of a skilled dentist. Dr. Amanda Juarez at Houston Uptown Dentists in Houston, TX and our staff will get you out of pain quickly, assess your condition, and provide effective treatment.

Tooth Damage

Your dental enamel is the single hardest substance in the human body, but there are limits to what it can withstand. The most common cause of tooth damage is biting into or chewing something that’s too hard, causing the enamel to break or the tooth itself to break.

That’s not a small thing – enamel protects your teeth against disease-causing bacteria in the mouth. Any break in that enamel opens you to dental infection that cause severe pain and even lead to tooth loss if not not treated.

If a tooth breaks or is damaged by an impact, call our Houston, TX dental office at once. It’s not an exaggeration to say that in an emergency situation, time lost can equal teeth lost.

A Tooth Is Lost

Your permanent, adult teeth should stay firmly rooted in your jaws for a long as you live. If one of your teeth has come out of its socket due to an impact – sports injuries, falls, and traffic accidents are common causes – it may be possible to reinsert it into the socket. Take care to handle the tooth by the crown only (don’t touch the root) and rinse the tooth and your mouth with water.

Carefully try to reinsert the tooth in the socket. If you’re successful, leave it alone! Your tooth will need time to re-root so it can continue to serve you for many years. Avoid chewing on it for a few days, and don’t wiggle it with your tongue or finger.

If you’re not successful, or it you prefer not to attempt reinserting the tooth, call Houston Uptown Dentists at once at 832-463-1021. We’ll give you additional instructions for the tooth over the phone and we’ll see you for an emergency appointment.

Severe Dental Pain

The bottom line is that your teeth aren’t supposed to hurt. Dental pain is always a signal that something is wrong, and that kind of pain hardly ever clears up on its own. Pain that isn’t due to extensive tooth damage usually indicates a dental infection that has reached the nerve. Toughing out a toothache is the worst thing you can do; the infection can eventually attack the root and the supporting bone causing it to loosen and eventually fall out.

Don’t Take Chances With Your Teeth And Your Health

In any dental emergency, take action to preserve your teeth and your wellbeing. Call Houston Uptown Dentists immediately at 832-463-1021 for an emergency appointment. Getting professional care will save you time, money, and unnecessary suffering.