Fear of the dentist is quite common in the United States. Even if you know that you should go to the dentist regularly, dental anxiety can keep you from getting the oral care that you need.

Our caring team at Uptown Houston Dentists can give you the care that you need to feel at ease in a dental chair. Dental sedation has helped many of our patients become comfortable getting the treatments they need for a healthy mouth.

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Laughing Gas

Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is a fast-acting sedation solution. By breathing in the gas, you can feel its effects within minutes. It blocks pain, keeps you relaxed, and prevents gagging. When your appointment is complete, we simply turn off the gas. In a few minutes, you start to feel like your normal self.

Oral Conscious Sedation

If you have a higher level of anxiety, medication can be a better choice. With this kind of sedation, you take the medicine before your appointment. Its effects can last for hours. For this reason, you should arrange for a friend or family member to bring you to and from our office.

IV Sedation

Few dental practices have completed the training to offer this level of sedation. It is invaluable for patients with extreme dental anxiety and for patients in need of extensive work.

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