Every spring, folks all over America rid their homes of unnecessary clutter and accumulated dust in anticipation of the warming weather and changing season. It’s fitting, right? Spring brings new life, and you want your home to feel fresh and revived.

At Houston Uptown Dentists, we want to encourage you to extend this rite of passage to your smile! Routine dental exams and cleanings can help prevent major dental complications. We use the latest in cavity detection technology to spot early signs of tooth decay that might not be visible to the naked eye!

Plus, our talented hygienists will remove any bacterial buildup that has accumulated since your last cleaning, which will leave your smile looking and feeling great.

Read on to learn more about what you can expect during your first appointment in our Houston, TX office. Then, give us a call at 832-463-1021 to experience extraordinary general dentistry.

Removing Bacterial Buildup

Nothing threatens a healthy smile like bacterial buildup. When you enjoy a meal or a snack, food debris inevitably gets left behind and breaks down into sugars. With proper brushing and flossing, these particles are removed. But left to linger, they attract all sorts of harmful bacteria.

Plaque — a sticky film of bacterial buildup — forms along the teeth and gums. And if plaque isn’t removed, it hardens and becomes tartar. Plaque and tartar both drive tooth decay.

Tartar bonds closely to your enamel, which is the hard outermost layer of your teeth, so the only safe way to remove it is by visiting the dentist.

During these routine appointments, we’ll also work with you on your ongoing smile goals! Dr. Juarez and Dr. Lindskog are passionate about helping patients achieve the smiles they’ve long dreamed of, and they’re experts across multiple disciplines of dentistry. Whether your dental goal is to eventually replace missing teeth or simply take great care of the ones you have, we’d be happy to help.

Excellent Patient Education

At Houston Uptown Dentists, we believe that knowledge is power. We want you to feel confident in the decisions you make about your own health, and that starts with high-quality patient education. Just as we leverage the power of technology to provide thorough cavity detection, we use a similar high-tech approach to patient education!

We’ve invested in an iTero intraoral scanner that allows us to give you a “tour” of your mouth in real time! This way, you’ll see what we’re seeing, and you’ll be able to better understand your oral condition and any treatments we might recommend.

And of course, we’ve built up a team of compassionate professionals who can answer any questions you have about your oral health or treatment options. Please don’t hesitate to ask! Your first visit to our practice will also include a tour of the office, so you’ll feel comfortable every step of the way!

Looking Out For Your Complete Oral Wellness

Particularly during your first-ever visit to Houston Uptown Dentists, we take a comprehensive approach to your exam. In addition to checking for signs of cavities and gum disease, we will check for signs of:

  • Oral cancer. When oral cancer is detected early, it is “very curable,” according to the University of Rochester Medical Center. But all too often — because no one’s looking out for signs of it — it goes undiagnosed until it’s in the later stages. At Houston Uptown Dentists, we use the VELscope® oral cancer detection system to routinely check for symptoms.
  • Sleep apnea. Using a simple screening, we’ll find out more about your quality of sleep. Millions of Americans are living with obstructive sleep apnea, a condition marked by periodic interruptions to your breathing while you sleep. We know that high-quality sleep is necessary to live a happy and healthy life, and we can help you find comfortable sleep apnea solutions that can help you enjoy restful nights again.
  • TMJ dysfunction or bruxism. The stress of everyday life can manifest itself at night as teeth grinding or jaw clenching. As you might imagine, this sort of prolonged pressure on your temporomandibular joints — which connect your jaw to your skull — leads to pain and even migraines. At Houston Uptown Dentists, we’re able to relieve jaw pain and TMJ dysfunction with a custom-made oral appliance.

Make Houston Uptown Dentists Your Dental Home

At Houston Uptown Dentists, we strive to provide care that goes above and beyond what you imagine a trip to the dentist to be. We know that details matter, both when it comes to dental procedures and just making a patient feel at home, so we’re able to provide you with calming music or even 3-D video glasses while we work if it’ll make your visit more pleasant.

If you’re looking for a new dental home in Houston, TX, or if you’re due for a dental cleaning, give us a call at 832-463-1021 to schedule an appointment. You can also use our convenient online form.