It sounds crazy.

You could wear braces for as little as six months and (possibly) see a new smile by New Year’s Day. That’s not really possible, is it?

Well, there’s a reason we offer a service called Six Month Smiles, and it really can transform smiles in around six months. If you live in or near Houston, TX and you would like a straight, beautiful smile, call 832-463-1021 now.

Schedule a consultation at Houston Uptown Dentists. See for yourself what this incredible short-term orthodontic option could for your smile.

How It Works

Traditional orthodontic treatments are trying to do multiple things. They will improve the appearance of your smile, and they will align your teeth, so they are easier to clean as well.

With Six Month Smiles, the focus is on making cosmetic improvements. As such, this treatment emphasizes moving only the teeth that are visible when you smile. This can drastically reduce the amount of time needed to change your smile.

Traditional braces work well. They just need time to complete the process of moving your teeth. Because traditional braces can adjust the position of every tooth in your mouth, treatments can take two years … and even longer in some complex cases.

Six Months Smiles can give you a new smile in about six months on average. Some cases can vary by a month or two depending on your particular situation.

For a lot of adults, six, seven, or even eight months seems more acceptable than two years with braces. It’s also why this has remains a popular cosmetic option.

As with traditional braces, you will have brackets and wires on your teeth. The brackets match the color of your teeth, making them a discreet option as well.

What It Can Do

You may have worn braces when you were younger and suffered what is called relapse. This is when your teeth begin to shift back toward their original misaligned positions.

You also may be an adult who never had orthodontic care for whatever reason. But now, you are in a position to make that decision for yourself.

What kinds of problems can Six Month Smiles fix?

  • It can straighten crooked teeth.
  • It can correct overbites and underbites.
  • It can close gaps between your teeth.
  • It can add some space between teeth that are crowded together.

Is It Right for You?

We’ve seen the wonderful things that Six Months Smiles has done for many of our patients at Houston Uptown Dentists. We also offer other orthodontic solutions including Invisalign® and preventive orthodontics for kids.

Our doctors and every member of our dental team wants you to have a beautiful smile with straight teeth. We can help you find the perfect treatment for you. Our doctors will be happy to answer your questions so you can find the solution to create the smile of your dreams.

Whether you get Six Months Smiles or another of our cosmetic services, your first step has to be setting up your consultation. Contact us online or call 832-463-1021 to get started on your new smile!