If you’ve been suffering from dental sensitivity because you’re afraid you might need a root canal, it’s time we had a little talk. Root canals have a bad reputation for being painful and unpleasant, but it’s one we think isn’t entirely deserved. Root canals are actually amazing when you think about it; they have the ability to save badly damaged teeth from needing extractions.

And when your root canal is performed by a highly skilled dentist like those at Houston Uptown Dentists, it’s even possible to experience a root canal that many say is no more painful than having a cavity filled! We want to provide you with the most comfortable care possible. That’s why our Houston, TX office has invested in state-of-the-art technology to assist our gentle dentists.

Read on for five things you should know about root canals and the technology we use to save badly infected teeth. Then, give us a call at 832-463-1021. Our compassionate team will assess the state of your tooth and give you the information you need to make the best decision about your dental care.

1. The Pain Associated With Root Canals Often Comes From The Infection, Not The Procedure.

It’s true! Much of the pain people associate with root canals stems from the infection that necessitated the procedure in the first place, not anything that the dentist is doing. Think about it: When an infection attacks the inner part of your tooth, that includes soft tissue and nerves below the tooth’s hard surface.

The infection then causes the classic symptoms that indicate you might need a root canal: tooth sensitivity and toothache. When you come in for a root canal procedure, the dentist is attempting to clear your tooth of the infection that is causing the pain.

2. A Root Canal Can Save A Tooth That Might Otherwise Require An Extraction.

It’s always best to save your natural tooth when possible. Once you lose a tooth to infection or anything else, you then have to worry about replacing it with a dental bridge or dental implant. Otherwise, it could complicate chewing and other dental functions. A gap in your smile also puts your healthy teeth at risk of shifting, which can mess up your bite.

A successful root canal saves you the hassle, chair time, and cost of replacing a missing tooth.

Here’s how a root canal can save a badly infected tooth:

  • When you come to Houston Uptown Dentists for a root canal procedure, the first thing we’ll do is thoroughly numb the affected area to keep you comfortable.
  • Then, we’ll carefully remove infected tissue from inside your tooth.
  • Finally, we’ll fill the inside of your tooth with an inert material that will help prevent future infection. We’ll also place a filling or dental crown on the tooth to restore its health and appearance.

3. Technology Makes A More Comfortable Root Canal Possible.

As we mentioned earlier, Houston Uptown Dentists is proud to offer the latest in endodontic technology to make planning and performing your root canal as comfortable as possible.

It all begins with the thorough planning of your treatment, using digital X-rays to create detailed images of your tooth. This enables us to zoom in on parts of these images that are important for your treatment while exposing you to less radiation than traditional X-ray methods.

When it comes to the actual procedure, we use special endodontic lasers that allow treatment to be both gentle and precise. We also use a special method for clearing the root canal of infected tissue. It’s called PIPS, or Photon Induced Photoacoustic Streaming. It’s the most effective way to remove infected tissue.

4. Dental Sedation Can Also Make Root Canals More Comfortable!

If you’re still feeling nervous about your root canal procedure, Houston Uptown Dentists also offers dental sedation options that will minimize pain and stress. We offer three forms:

  • Nitrous oxide. This is a gas that is inhaled through a small mask. It offers a mild sense of euphoria.
  • Oral sedation. If you opt for oral sedation, we’ll prescribe you a pill to take before your appointment. By the time the dental work is set to begin, you’ll feel relaxed and perhaps a bit drowsy.
  • IV sedation. This is the strongest form of dental sedation we offer. It’s administered intravenously for fast-acting results. You’ll feel as if you’re in a dream.

5. Root Canals Are Nothing To Be Afraid Of.

Hopefully, after reading this you feel a bit better about root canals. If you need one, it’s nothing to be afraid of. Just make sure you’re choosing a high-quality dentist who has your best interest at heart.

Call Houston Uptown Dentists today at 832-463-1021 to consult with our caring staff. You can also fill out our convenient online form to request an appointment.