Receding gums can lead to some pretty serious dental problems, including the loss of tooth and bone. A graft is the usual treatment for gum recession. However, at Houston Uptown Dentists, you have the option of a pinhole procedure instead. 

The two treatments are very different. A gum graft involves the removal of tissue from the roof of your mouth, which is then stitched to gums to cover the recession. The Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique simply involves making an opening the size of a pin in your gum tissue, then using special equipment to gently reposition the gums to cover your tooth roots. The final step is using collagen fibers to keep the tissue in place. 

Since the pinhole technique requires special training, not many dentists offer it. We are proud to be one of them! This gum graft alternative offers several benefits:

  • Quick Treatment – Depending on the amount of recession, the Chao procedure can usually be completed in about a hour. Because of this, it’s sometimes referred to as a “lunchtime gum lift.” 
  • Natural Appearance – The tissue from your mouth may not match your gums. It also usually has a white appearance for a week or two while the graft heals. You can avoid this unnatural look with a Chao treatment. Since we are simply repositioning your gum tissue, no one will notice a difference. 
  • No Incisions or Stitches – Most patients receive nothing more than local anesthesia for the minimally invasive pinhole treatment, since no cutting or stitching is involved. If you are still concerned about discomfort, you can choose to receive dental sedation. 
  • Simple Recovery – The lack of incisions means little if any swelling and a lower risk of infection following your procedure. You’ll be able to follow your usual routines right away and eat anything within a day or two. In contrast, you’ll likely need a week or two to recover from a gum graft. During this time, you’ll need to eat bland, soft food and avoid the treated area during oral hygiene. 

If your teeth appear longer than before and you suspect your gums may be receding, call Houston Uptown Dentists at 832-463-1021 today. Or you can schedule online. If your recession is caused by gum disease, we’ll remove the bacteria that causes it from around and under your gumline.