For whatever reason, you find yourself with multiple dental problems that affect the function, feel, and look of your teeth and gums.

Because this will inevitably impact your quality of life, health, and confidence, our team at Houston Uptown Dentists want you to know that there is a solution!

A full-mouth reconstruction in our Houston, TX dental office can turn your smile, and even your life, around!

3 Reasons You Might Need A Full-Mouth Reconstruction

Only a skilled, experienced dentist can tell you for sure that a full-mouth reconstruction is necessary for the sake of your oral and overall health, but here are three telltale signs you might need one:

*You Can’t Chew Comfortably*

If it’s become harder and harder to chew your food comfortably, something is not right. Before anything else, your teeth should function properly.

And their number one job is to tear and chew food. That’s not supposed to be painful, or even uncomfortable.

If you’re avoiding certain foods because it’s just too difficult to chew them easily, you might need a full-mouth reconstruction.

*You’re In Pain*

Let’s say you’re not using your teeth at the moment. You’re not chewing gum, sipping hot coffee, or eating breakfast.

Yet you’re still in pain. Although you may try to ignore it or wish it away, tooth pain is a red flag that there’s a problem. Putting off treatment can have disastrous oral health consequences.

*You’re Embarrassed*

If you’ve ever felt compelled to hide your smile, chances are you have oral health issues that have also posed cosmetic problems for your teeth and gums.

This is quite common for patients who’ve suffered from things like tooth decay, infections, gum disease, and tooth loss. The good news is that a full-mouth reconstruction can change it!

The Goals Of A Full-Mouth Reconstruction

The primary goal of a full-mouth reconstruction is to restore function and oral health. A secondary goal, which is often achieved simply as a positive consequence of treatment, your smile will end up looking much better, too.

Since every patient comes to us with their own unique dental needs, your process won’t look exactly like someone else’s treatment plan.

*Better Oral Health*

Here are some typical restorative measures we might take in a typical full-mouth reconstruction plan:

*Treat decayed teeth and fill any cavities that resulted.

*Perform a root canal to remove infection and preserve the tooth with a crown.

*Deeply cleaning under your gumline where gum disease has developed.

*Repair damaged teeth that have been cracked, chipped, or broken.

*Hide stained or discolored teeth with a natural-looking dental crown.

*Replace missing teeth with dental bridges or dental implants.

Whatever is needed to get your oral health back on track, we have the restorative strategy to make it happen!

*A Better-Looking Smile*

With modern dental technology and techniques, your restorative treatments will do a lot to improve the appearance of your smile. From bringing the healthy pink color back after gum disease treatment to our natural-looking dental implants and restorations, you’ll already feel and look better than you have in a long time.

But once your mouth is healthy again, you may still have some primarily cosmetic issues to address with your teeth and gums.

We can use teeth whitening, orthodontics, tooth bonding, or gum reshaping to make your healthier smile more attractive.

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